Skeffington Garden Party

pop up tents for a garden party

A garden BBQ in September, where our tents created bar, seating and cooking areas when the weather could not be trusted, covering both lawn and patio. The fairy lights in the roof create a lovely atmosphere as darkness … Read More

Our bar in action

Our bar in action in a 3m x 3m square pop up tent

Our purpose-built bar  being used for a centre piece for a garden champagne party.

Pop Up Drinks Party

2 hex pop up tents together for a smaller party

Our tents used to create an airy cover for 50 people for summer drinks on not such a “summery” day!

Lunch party for 70 guests

view from our finished array of pop up tents

This is a similar tent configuration to that shown in “Option 3” on the Layouts page, using a combination of two hexagonal tents, two  6m x 3m rectangular tents, and two  3m x 3m square … Read More