Pop up tents for hire

A range of flexible tents that allows you to turn almost any size or shape of area, whether it be hard standing or grass, into a special individual party venue.

Our Pop Up Tent Range:

  • 6m Hexagonal
  • 3m x 6m Retangular
  • 3m x 3m Square
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Link together to create interesting shapes, or fit to your party space.

Providing Innovative, stylish cover for dining, dancing, drinking and partying!

Add floor covering, dance floor, stage, bar, lighting, LED up-lighters, spot lights, round or square tables, and chairs.

6m Hexagonal Pop Up

3m x 3m hexagonal tent
6m x 6m Pop Up Tent from Nick's Pop Up Parties

These images show picture window sides, for a light airy feel. Solid sides, in white or blue, are also available.

6m hexagonal can link to other hexagonal tents or to a 3m x 6m rectangular or 3m x 3m square creating interesting party layouts.

3m x 6m Rectangular Pop Up

3m x 6m rectangular tent
3m x 6m Pop Up Tent from Nicks pop up Parties

3m x 6m rectangular tents can link to create 6m x 6m square, or 3m x 12m. The latter could make a long dining or dancing area, or act as a covered walkway.

3m x 3m Square POP Up

3m x 3m square tent
3m x 3m Pop up Tent from Nicks Pop Up Parties

The 3m x 3m can be standalone or link to house our purpose built bar, or stage. Perfect for catering requirements too.

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