Pop up tent Layouts

Layout 1

2 rectangular 3x6m tents together

Two 3m x 6m rectangular tents creates an airy, practical covered space for any number of uses.

pop-up-layout 1 2 6mx3m

Layout 2

Two 6m hexagonal tents

Two 6m hexagonal tents together is always eye-catching.

2 3m by 3m hex pop up tents together

Layout 3

one rectangular, two hex, three square

An interesting layout -one 3m x 6m rectangular, two 6m hexagonal and three 3m square tents - for up to 50 people to buffet, dine and dance.

Pop up tent layout 3 - Nicks Pop Up Tents

Let your imagination run wild; our range of tents is versatile.

Your garden may be an awkward shape or you may have a feature you would like to incorporate into your layout.